This is an exciting year!

We will be partnering with the educational resource ReadyRosie to share powerful games and expert videos that support you and your child in his/her learning. Through our partnership with ReadyRosie you will have free access to their learning website and tools.

How It Works

After you accept the invitation, each week you will:

1. Watch videos modeling games and conversations that support what we are learning in school.

2. Do the activities with your child and have fun learning together!

3. Share your experiences and expertise with me as I partner with you in your child’s learning journey!

Keep an Eye Out!

You will receive a text or email that will say “[Your Child’s] teacher is inviting you to join ReadyRosie.’”

Step One:

Choose Preferred Language

Step Two:

Enter Your First and Last Name

Step Three:

Choose How You Want to Receive Notifications: Text / Email / Both Enter Mobile Number and Create a Password

Step Four:

You’re In! You Will Now Receive Weekly Messages with Activity Ideas!