Lunch Menus

What’s On The Menu?

Depending on your child’s schedule, breakfast, lunch and a snack will be provided to your child at no cost. All of our menus are developed by a Registered Dietician who ensures that all nutrition practices are being followed.

Our meals are served family style. Family style dining in early childhood programs is when children and teachers sit together at a table for a meal or snack. It helps children make healthy food choices by seeing positive attitudes from teachers and peers. With this type of meal service, teachers can model and develop key concepts for children, including:

  • Opportunities to try new foods and politely decline food they have tasted and don’t enjoy yet
  • Understanding appropriate use of utensils
  • Assistance with setting and cleaning the table after the meal
  • Opportunities to initiate conversation

Other benefits include improved motor skills and self-confidence, expanded social skills, and practice using proper table manners.

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Nov 2021