Event Details

Throughout the program year, many activities and events will be held for our Head Start Families. Each month, a family engagement activity is held at your child’s center. These themed activities are typically held during the school day and give parents and children a chance to bond while completing a fun activity. The activities range from a fall nature hike to a spring art show.

Twice a year, fatherhood events are held. These events are for fathers and male role models who play a significant role in raising a child. This person may be a biological, adoptive or stepfather. He may be a grandfather, another adult male family member, foster father, guardian or the mother’s significant other. These events are held each November and March.

Parent Meetings are held every other month at each center. These meetings give parents a chance to find out what is happening at their child’s center while also helping to plan fun events.

Policy Council is another way for parents to be involved in our program. Policy Council is the shared decision-making body for Head Start. The Policy Council works in partnership with key management staff and the agency governing body to develop, review and approve policies and procedures and also serves as a link to the center-based Parent Committees.

Our Head Start program offers trainings throughout the year. Past trainings have included CPR, Parent Café, budgeting and nutrition. The parent trainings that are provided are based on the needs of our parents.

Events Overview